Monday 14th Jan
14:00Community Table Tennis
Tuesday 15th Jan
10:00Connect -
13:00Staff Meeting
18:45Impact and Rare:r together - Who is God?
19:30Just Looking
Wednesday 16th Jan
09:30Startup Spectrum
14:00Contact Tea - Pilgrim's Progress 1
18:00Adventurers - Sport: skittleball
Thursday 17th Jan
09:45Toybox and Babybox
Friday 18th Jan
10:00Community Cafe
Saturday 19th Jan
10:00Who let the Dads out? - Cooking
Sunday 20th Jan
10:00Pre service prayer meeting
10:30Morning Worship: The Beast and the Lamb Revelation 13:1 - 14:5
18:30Evening Worship: Atonement
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