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Church Weekend Away Day 3

Posted on 3rd May 2015 at 21:00 by LCBC News in LCBC News Blog

cm worship2Another very full day at the Pioneer Centre, which began with a worship time and then our second thought-provoking session with our guest speaker, Ray Evans. This morning he was focussing on Acts 6 and how churches can organise themselves to maximise the value of service within the church and the wider community.

cm Ray
Planning, and empowering teams to cover different areas of church life, were ways in which the Apostles in Acts dealt with their issues and this is a good model for churches to use today.  Once again Ray emphasised the importance of a balance between preaching and practical work, ie Word and Deed, both being equally important. (Recordings of Ray's talks will be available soon.)


The afternoon events included a photo treasure hunt, indoor cricket, a drama workshop and an introduction to some new songs as well as preparation for next Friday's Craft Workshop.

We shared a communion service this evening, followed by a showing of the film Paddington, which was enjoyed by all.

cm poolRunning throughout the weekend have been several competitions including a 'Guess the baby picture' game, and pool and table tennis competitions.  Winners of these two should be announced tomorrow, which sadly will be our last day. 

cm table tennis




Hopefully the mountains of cake will last until then......

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