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Posted on 31st January 2015 at 10:23 by LCBC News in LCBC News Blog

curryOn Monday 26th January we held our Women’s Curry Evening at Crendon Indian Cuisine. 44 ladies came along for curry, chat and challenge. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and our guest speaker was David Fortune from Christian Prison Resources. He introduced himself and as an ice breaker asked us to think of instances from our childhood where we had lied about a situation and almost believed our own story! Some of the stories that came out were very funny and got the conversations flowing while we ate a delicious meal.

David’s title was Behind bars but now free! and he spoke with his usual inimitable and amiable style. He told inspiring stories of prisoners lives changed by the saving power of Jesus but, as he told these stories, he turned our thoughts inward to see that we are not any different from the prisoners he works with. He challenged us to see our own pride that stops us accepting our own faults and sins. Have any of us kept all of the Ten Commandments? – Well we were clearly able to understand that the answer is no. David turned our eyes to Jesus Christ and his saving love and the power of the cross.  To end the evening we were encouraged to find out more for ourselves and to read John's Gospel using the One to One books with a friend.

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