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It's Not Crazy!

Posted on 15th April 2015 at 11:56 by Kathy Lemaire in LCBC News Blog

Krazy‘It’s NOT crazy!’ – although being here for the week was a little crazy at times…starting with a toilet roll being unravelled at great speed by a leaf blower across the church to launch the holiday club!

The church certainly looked a little crazy, with helium balloons growing out of palm trees, huge coloured measles on the glass doors and a Hall of Mirrors.

There were close to 100 children booked in for 4 days of activity:

  • seeing what Professor V Krazy and his brother Q Krazy were brewing up in their laboratory, helping their pet mice to float and making Coke explosions;
  • a crazy craft corner, producing hats, T shirts and robots that drew patterns;
  • crazy games on the Rec made more bonkers by the spring swarm of ‘fake bees’ who seem to enjoy the club more each year;
  • and an 8 foot whale emerging from the baptistery powered by a vacuum cleaner, plus a virtual giraffe that had escaped from Noah’s Ark

– all with the aim of discovering that stories from the Bible might at first seem crazy, but on closer inspection are not!


Hard to say whether the children or the team of helpers had the more fun – but well done to all those who sported crazy clothes, hair and hats.

Watch this space for next year’s theme…

Long Crendon Baptist Church