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Prayer triplets

Posted on 9th March 2015 at 10:43 by Mark Herbert in Pastors’ Blog

Mark HerbertCan I encourage you to consider forming a prayer triplet? It is a great way to deepen friendships, commit to being held accountable and it’ll help you to pray!

I used to meet with two of my best friends. We ate together, laughed together and then used these 5 Ws to guide our discussion and prayers for one another:

  • WALK – How is your personal walk with Jesus Christ going?
  • WORD – Are you spending quality time listening to God and reading his Word? What has he been teaching you?
  • WITNESS – Who have you shared the Gospel with recently?
  • WEDGE – How are you using your money? Are you being generous in your giving?
  • WOMEN – If you are married, are you loving your wife? If you are unmarried, are you remaining pure? (Of course this would apply equally to wives and unmarried women)

Each of these Ws could be adapted and we never followed them as a hard and fast rule. But they did give us some helpful direction. Without this prayer triplet, I would never have been asked hard questions and much hidden sin would have continued unchecked. I would have also struggled through some tough times feeling every alone.

Why not plan to form a prayer triplet soon? Do it for yourself and do it to help serve your brothers and sisters. As Proverbs 27:17 reminds us: 'As iron sharpens iron, so one man’s word sharpens another'.

A few practical questions to consider:

1. How often shall we meet? Try to be realistic about what is manageable and sustainable. I would suggest a minimum of once a month as any less and it is very hard to maintain momentum.

2. Where shall we meet? Make it simple. It can be helpful to meet over food but try to find an environment where you will be comfortable praying out loud.

3. How long shall we meet for? Again, just find a space that is realistic and will not put you under pressure but, equally, where you can give each other quality time that is unhurried.

4. Who shall I meet with? Chemistry is key. It is essential you meet with friends you really trust, and that you are all equally committed to making it work.

Mark Herbert


Long Crendon Baptist Church