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Reflections on Polar Explorers

Posted on 24th February 2018 at 14:08 by LCBC News in LCBC News Blog

PE E for ephesiansWriting here as one of the adult helpers at the recent holiday club, I am looking back to see what has left the strongest impressions on me - so many memories to choose from! Definitely one of the highlights is seeing so many people, of so many ages, all having fun together.

Whether listening to Sir Random Finds and Bare Feet, or making crafts, or playing games, or joining in team activities, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves together. It’s one of the reasons I keep coming back to volunteer at holiday club year after year. It’s just plain good clean fun.

PE iglooOf course, it helps a lot that the fun is focused around helping us all know Jesus better and finding our place 'on his team.' The Bible stories and follow-up with the Huskies (leaders) reminded us this year that we can never be too bad or make too many mistakes to have our sins forgiven by Jesus, and that we are never too young (or old!) to have a relationship with Jesus and make a difference in the world. What great news for all of us!

Visually, the week was stunning:  from the milk bottle igloo and snowy sofa in the main room to the polar science station upstairs (complete with forest, satellite dish and real computers!), a lot of effort went into turning the church into an exciting base for exploration. On a smaller scale, but with no less effort, the craft team helped the children produce, among many other things, edible snowmen, picture frames, and ice cream cones (not edible this time!)

polar explorers drama
The drama team took everyone on an expedition to the polar regions with Fay Mears, Helen 'Helter' Skelter, 'Great' Scott, Prince Larry, and Professor Yvonne Von Evian, learning along the way the same lessons of 'never too many mistakes,' 'never too bad,' and 'never too young.'

A great sigh of relief was heard when all survived.

PE musicMusic was great as usual, lively songs accompanied by livelier actions. A few of us older folks might regret just how lively! But the children’s participation was brilliant to watch.

We often wonder if the invitation extended to families to come back on the Sunday will be accepted. This year the church was so full we had to add chairs in the concourse. That must be a sign of a successful holiday club!

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