We believe passionately that young people are an integral part of our church family and so we seek to provide a safe, fun and exciting environment for them to learn more about how great God is, to put their trust in Jesus and learn how to live for him to the full.

There is an exciting variety of activities for teens at LCBC that attract many young people. The activities are designed to support them as they grow in faith and help them to stay engaged and involved in the church, as well as reaching out to young people in the local community.


ImpactImpact is our school year 7 - 9 group. Impact wants to help young people know Jesus and grow in their relationship with him, not just on a Sunday morning but through the whole week and throughout all of their lives.

Impact meets on:

  • Tuesdays for a Bible Study. This a great time for growing in our knowledge of and relationship with Jesus.  It’s great to meet up with friends midweek to be encouraged by one another and through God’s word. We have great socials too!

  • Sunday mornings we attend the first part of the church service to join in with the worship before heading upstairs to learn from God’s word and from one another. We have an opportunity, occasionally, to serve the younger children by helping in their classes and sometimes we stay in church to learn how we can get the most out of a service and transition to being in church full-time.


Rare:rRare:r is for young people in school years 10 to 13 and takes place on a Monday evening from 7.30 - 9.30 pm. It aims to present Jesus to teens and to challenge them about what it means to be a Christian and follow Jesus with their whole lives. We spend time looking at God’s Word, applying it to our lives, praying for one another and just relaxing.

Rare:r is a good place to create deep friendships and life long Christian brothers and sisters.

Rare:r 2


Each term we make time to have social events and activities so we can invite friends and get to know one another better.



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