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Visit of Richard Wallis and Bishop Nathan Amooti

Posted on 3rd June 2016 at 21:40 by LCBC News in LCBC News Blog

Richard WallisRecently we had two returning visiting speakers to Long Crendon.  Richard Wallis, who founded Mission Possible UK and has spent a number of years following his God-given passion to improve the lives of the poor and share the gospel with those in developing countries, came to speak to us about recent areas of his work.  He brought with him a friend from Rwanda, Bishop Nathan Amooti, who has been friends with Richard for many years.  Nathan has seen the changes in his own country Rwanda and has returned there to serve the people who God has enabled to forgive and rebuild their lives after catastrophe.

Bishop Nathan2Nathan spoke to us in an entertaining and engaging style (as did Richard) with serious reflections interspersed with his infectious laugh (you should have been there!).  Nathan spoke about the 'escalator of life' which keeps on moving despite our best efforts to hold back the years, temptations to look back over our shoulders at what has been and other efforts to perhaps avoid reality.  He gave a very amusing illustration of the first time he used an escalator in a big city and the feeling of not being able to get off or go backwards with the words of his mother (from his boyhood years as a cattle herder) ringing in his ears: 'Be careful of electricity, it can kill you!'  He reflected on Acts 13: 36-41 and the wisdom of making the most of the years we have on earth and the work and opportunities we have to do things worth doing.  He encouraged us not to waste our time but to work for things worth working for, whilst we can.  This talk provided us with food for thought and the desire to reflect on how we are spending our allotted time here on earth.

Russia to RwandaRichard also spoke about his new book, a small paperback filled to the brim with tales and anecdotes of his travels and work, some of the scrapes he has got into and some of the people he has met whose lives have impacted him whilst he has been endeavouring to serve them.   I made sure I was first in the queue to buy the book, which was a very interesting and engaging read From Russia to Rwanda with love.

Both speakers were great to listen to. It is always good to hear personal testimonies of how God is very real, active and present in people’s lives. I found it a very encouraging evening (and I am still tittering to myself as I think of that infectious laugh).


If you'd like to know more about Mission Possible UK you can request a quarterly newsletter by emailing Richard.

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