World Mission

World Mission

World Mission

We believe that God expects every local church to have a global vision, reaching out not only to the local community but also to the whole world.  We are therefore committed to promoting involvement in God's world mission through:

  • raising awareness of God’s purpose in world mission throughout the church
  • motivating, equipping and sending members for both short and long term mission work
  • encouraging prayer, financial and practical support for mission, especially for those people who have been sent out from LCBC as well as supporting other partner organisations and projects around the world

The areas of mission we support include Bible training, Bible translation and literacy work, church planting, humanitarian relief, support for the persecuted church and medical work.

Mission Partners

At LCBC we support partners in 5 areas or streams of mission, as an outworking of our vision to enable gospel work to grow across our nation and the world. Members and regular attendees are encouraged to be linked to one of these streams as we seek to be outward looking.

Stream 1: Resourcing Global Gospel Outreach

In this stream we support  people whose ministry is to equip and resource Christians and the church overseas so that the gospel may be proclaimed and take root.

LCBC currently supports SIM ministries in Nigeria and Niger. In Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, we have links with a programme supporting literacy classes and radio outreach amongst a predominantly Muslim population. In Nigeria two of our members are engaged in training pastors and ministering to women..

LCBC historically has had close links with Wycliffe since their headquarters has been located close by for many years, although the associated training has now moved to Gloucester. Wycliffe aims to make the Bible available to every people group and LCBC supports several specific projects which are preparing translations of the Bible in local languages in countries such as Ghana, Nepal, India and Ethiopia.

Stream 2: Caring through International Development and Relief

In this stream we support Christian charities caring for the material and practical needs of people across the world as a way of sharing the gospel.

LCBC works with Compassion to support a number of children throughout the world but specifically with a village in Ethiopia so that such children can grow into adulthood, healthy and educated.

LCBC supports the work of Samaritan's Purse by providing shoeboxes that are distributed to some of the neediest children in the World each Christmas. We have also supported their raising families work in Rwanda. In addition to this, a number of our members have forged close links with the work of Samaritan's Purse in Swaziland and Uganda, Africa.

LCBC supports the work of the Leprosy Mission in prayer and giving as it seeks to help people with this treatable but potentially crippling disease.

LCBC has supported TWAM through prayer and provision of tools.

Stream 3: Partnering with churches overseas

In this stream we support specific partner churches overseas.

Two LCBC members are engaged in a programme in the south of Senegal which provides a healthcare service and church-based outreach. As a supporting ministry a wedding dress hire service is open to the local community.

  • Calarasi Church, Romania

Over the last 4 years LCBC has built a close relationship with a church in south-east Romania. Calarasi is a town with many challenges as a result of unemployment, alcohol abuse and domestic violence. LCBC supports a specific pastor and church body in their outreach to and practical support of the local community. LCBC has been sending a team to Calarasi at least once a year to provide on the ground support.

Stream 4: Reaching people in the UK

In this stream we support organisations working to share the gospel in the UK through care for individuals, provision of children's summer camps, etc. 

For more information see our UK Gospel Partnerships page

Stream 5: Supporting the Persecuted Church

In this stream we aim to support Christians suffering persecution across the globe through prayer, giving and action.

Throughout the world Christian communities and individuals suffer persecution as a consequence of holding to their faith. LCBC gathers information from a range of sources to guide us in our prayer and engagement.

Other Mission Links

As a church we actively encourage people of all ages to undertake short term service. This can be valuable preparation for everyday life for a young Christian, a way to gain a better understanding of what God is doing around the world, or the testing of a call to more specific Christian work. In recent years some of our young people have worked with deprived children in Eastern Europe and Africa, supported medical missions, and helped teach the children of missionaries.

There are always opportunities for volunteers to help with mission, even without leaving home. Have a look at the MissionAssist webpage for some ideas.

Global Connections is a growing network of UK agencies with a shared vision of 'mission at the heart of the church, the church at the heart of mission'.

Another excellent source of prayer information is Operation World. Originally produced in 1964, now available online where you can sign up for a daily email.

A useful UK information source for world mission, OSCAR is the place to go if you are a missionary looking for resources of any kind. Just follow the link. If you're in need of short-term accommodation on returning to the UK, have a look at the entry there for Shunem Trust.  LCBC is involved in the provision of accommodation within the locality of Long Crendon.

Compassion UK

CompassionSeveral individuals from LCBC support a child via Compassion. In addition the Toybox Mums and tots group that meets on Mondays have decided to support a Compassion child as an activity group. Each week the mums and carers contribute at coffee time to support Almaze who lives in Ethiopia.

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