Bible reading notes

Bible reading notes

Many of us appreciate the importance of daily Bible reading and use various different resources to guide us.  The more widespread use of smartphones and tablets in recent years has opened up many more possibilities and we have therefore suggested below some resources for those who are willing to give the electronic options a go and those who prefer the feel of paper!

Bible Reading


  • The Bible In One Year app (iOS, Android, online) by HTB ( is recommended by one church member.  You can download the app for iPhones or iPads or every day an email with the day's reading will appear in your inbox with a commentary on each passage accompanied by many personal stories bringing the Bible alive.  The year keeps rolling on so you can start anytime.
  • Bible, by Youversion (iOS, Android, online) ( gives you a free download of the Bible with the opportunity to choose your own reading plan – e.g. cover the whole Bible, focus on a topic, or choose a reading plan with commentary for family or youth. Also allows you to highlight verses and make notes.

  • Word Live, from Scripture Union (online) ( is a free, online devotional study guide with possibility of additional material to help you go deeper into the background of the Bible passage and multimedia resources to help you look at the passage from a different angle. You can also download an app or opt to receive a daily email from Word Live.

  • Explore from the Good Book Company (iOS, Android) ( is an electronic version of the regular Explore daily Bible reading notes.  It contains daily Bible readings with questions to help you engage with the Bible text, comment to get you thinking, and ideas for further reading, prayer and application.

  • New Daylight, from the Bible Reading Fellowship (iOS, Android), offers daily Bible readings and reflections for everybody who wants to go deeper with God. The free app contains a sample of 21 readings and reflections including the next 7 days that you can keep and use on your device forever. Subscriptions for 1, 4 or 12 month periods for future readings are available for purchase within the app.
    For more information and to download the app go to:
    For iOS apps:,iPadandiPodTouchApps 
    For android apps: 

  • Daily Bread app, from Scripture Union (iOS, Android): SU have taken their Daily Bread Bible guide and turned it into an app available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Featuring the same content as its printed counterpart, this new app is a new and exciting way to take Daily Bread.
    The app is FREE to download with free content as a taster and If you like what you see, you can easily purchase a subscription for a month (£1.49), a quarter (£3.99) or a year (£9.99) from within the app.
    For the iOS app: 
    For the android app:


There is a large variety of Bible reading notes that come out, usually, on a quarterly basis including those below. You can order these through the Church Bookstall if you would like to and you can see some examples to help you choose.

  • Daily Bread (SU)
  • Explore (Good Book Company)
  • Daily Reading Bible (Good Book Company)
  • Every Day with Jesus (CWR)
  • Life Every Day by Jeff Lucas (CWR)

​​and, specifically for young people:

  • Airlock (14-18)
  • Explore (14-18)
  • Discover (11-14)
  • XTB (7-11)
  • Table Talk (families)

In addition, for those who want to take on the Bible in a Year challenge using a book, try:

Stott, Through the Bible Through the YearThrough the Bible Through the Year (John Stott)

John Stott’s new daily devotional covers the entire narrative of the Bible, all the seasons of the church year and every essential Christian teaching in a single volume.

NIV, Bible in One YearThe Bible in One Year (NIV)

This unique book arranges the entire Bible into easily–digestible readings for every day of the year. It includes a time chart and Bible maps to help you appreciate the flow of biblical history.Other useful lists help explain the background to the Bible. 

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