Sermon Programme

Sermon Programme

The sermon programme and details of the sermon series for the current term are below.  You can download a pdf of the programme if you wish.

You can also hear all the sermons in our archive.

Sermon Programme Spring 2018


* indicates a Communion service
07 Verse for the year   Proverbs 3:5-6  
14* Devoted to learning   Acts 2:42-47  
21 Devoted to one another  
28 Devoted to worship     
04 Devoted to prayer  
11* Devoted to mission  
18 Polar Explorers: Holiday Club service  
25 The glory of God   John 17:1-26                                                                    
04 The Glorious One betrayed   John 18:1-14  
11* The Glorious One denied   John 18:15-27  
18 The Glorious One condemned   John 18:25 -19:16a  
25 The Glorious One defeated?   John 19:16b - 19:42 
30* Good Friday Communion The Glorious One conquers!   John 19:16b - 19:42
01 Easter Day The Glorious One triumphant!   John 20:1-31

evenings (6.30 pM)

* indicates a Communion service
07 Following the shepherd   John 10:1-10  
14 Knowing the shepherd   John 10:11-21􀀃  
21 Held by the shepherd   John 10:22-42  
28* Prayer & Praise with BEC  
04 Seeing that we will suffer   Daniel 7  
11 Seeing that we are secure   Daniel 8  
18 Seeing our need to surrender   Daniel 9  
25* Seeing that God’s King rules!   Daniel 10-12                                                                 
04 Ethics: When does human life begin?  
11* Pastoral: How can the gospel transform my anger?  
18 Doctrine: Once saved, always saved?  
25 Guest speaker - Krish Kandiah  God is stranger
30 Good Friday morning service only
01 Prayer and praise


current sermon series

Morning Series

Acts 2:42-47 A Devoted Church

The early church is described in Acts 2:42-47 as being made up of believers who ‘devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer…’ In this series we will be looking at what this looks like for the church today.

John 17-20  The Glorious One

John’s gospel is full of signs that point us to Jesus and help us understand who he is. In the run up to Easter we will be focusing together on the heart of our Saviour, and his commitment to save us.

Evening series

John 10:1-10 The Good Shepherd

This loaded chapter of scripture paints a beautiful picture of our ‘Good Shepherd’ who leads, provides, protects, saves and secures our eternity with him. Oh to follow Jesus and enjoy the fullness of life that he came to bring!

Daniel 7-12 Seeing with God’s eyes

The second half of the book of Daniel offers hope and encouragement to us all as we seek to live faithful lives amidst opposition. Seeing with God’s eyes will help us to trust that he remains in complete control of history.

Hot Topics

Hot topics this term will include the doctrinal issues (Once saved, always saved?), one pastoral issue (How can the gospel transform my anger?), and one ethical issue (When does human life begin?).

Guest Speaker: Krish Kandiah

Krish Kandiah will be exploring the themes in his latest book, God is Stranger, where God shows up unannounced, unrecognised and uninvited, and where his ways are strange to us.

Long Crendon Baptist Church