Sermon Programme

Sermon Programme

The sermon programme and details of the sermon series for the current term are below.  You can download a pdf of the programme if you wish.

You can also hear all the sermons in our archive.

Sermon programme Autumn 2018


* indicates a Communion service
09*  Humility   Matthew 18:1-20  
16 Forgiveness   Matthew 18:21-35  
23 Faithfulness   Matthew 19:1-12  
30 Sacrifice   Matthew 19:13-30                                                                  
07 Harvest service at Long Crendon School  
14* Grace   Matthew 20:1-16  
21 Servanthood   Matthew 20:17-34  
28 Membership: Covenant                                                               
04 Membership: Confession Ephesians 4  
11* Remembrance Sunday  
18 The lion and the lamb   Revelation 4:1 - 5:14  
25 Seven seals   Revelation 6:1 - 8:1                                                                   
02 Seven trumpets   Revelation 8:1 - 11:18
09* Another angel   Revelation 10:1– 1:13
16 All-age Christmas celebration
23 The anticipation of God’s promised King   Isaiah 52:7-15
25 Christmas Day Celebration at 10am
The arrival of God’s promised King   Isaiah 53:1-5
30 The actions of God’s promised King   Isaiah 53:6,10


evenings (6.30 pM)

* indicates a Communion service
09 Wisdom is life-giving   Proverbs 1  
16 Wisdom accepts God’s discipline   Proverbs 3  
23* Wisdom guards the heart   Proverbs 4  
30 Wisdom rejects laziness   Proverbs 6                                                            
07 Wisdom flees from sin   Proverbs 7  
14 Wisdom is found in God   Proverbs 8  
21 Guest Speaker: David Fortune, Christian Prison Resourcing  
28* Compelled to speak: our motivation                                                                   
04 Compelled to speak: our means  
11 Compelled to speak: our message  
18 To boldly go...   Acts 19:1-22  
25* I predict a riot   Acts 19:23 - 20:12                                                                   
02 Guest speaker - Andy Robinson, Pastor of Woodstock Road Baptist Church
09 Facing a task unfinished   Acts 20:13-38
16 Carols by Candlelight
23 No evening service
24 Christmas Eve Guest service at 4pm
30 No evening service

current sermon series

Morning Series

Matthew 18-20 – Kingdom values

In these chapters in Matthew we see Jesus teaching his disciples kingdom values – the type of behaviour that he expects of those who decide to follow him and become part of his kingdom. These include humility, forgiveness, faithfulness, sacrifice, grace and servanthood – values that are less and less in evidence in our society but ones which we pray we will be able to demonstrate in our lives and impact those around us as we trust in God’s grace and follow Christ’s example.


A 2 week series reflecting on the recently circulated Membership booklets. Why is confession and covenant so important and how will it make a difference at LCBC?

Revelation - a door into heaven

The book of Revelation gives us an open door into heaven itself. May this journey into the throne room of God delight our hearts and strengthen our spirits as we seek to live for Jesus now.

Evening series


What does it mean to be wise in a world that so readily rejects God to follow personal desires? Where is true wisdom found and how can we grow in wisdom? A practical look at six areas of life where learning to be wise is crucial if we are to live lives that honour God.

Compelled to speak

We have a wonderful gospel and a glorious Saviour to set before this broken world. Are we willing and are we ready to speak?

Acts 19-20 – Spread the Word

A brief return to Acts will hopefully encourage us as we read about the boldness of Paul preaching the Word in Ephesus and preparing to return to Jerusalem not knowing what will happen to him other than that he will expect hardship. His only aim is to complete the task that Jesus gave him of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

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