Sermon Programme

Sermon Programme

The sermon programme and details of the sermon series for the current term are below.  You can download a pdf of the programme if you wish.

You can also hear all the sermons in our archive.

Sermon programme Autumn 2017


* indicates a Communion service
03*  Our God saves! Daniel  6:1-28  
10 Induction and Ordination service for Colin Wells  
17 Introduction to Reformation: Amazing Grace!  Ephesians 2:8-9  
24 Guest speaker: Richard Underwood                                                                    
01 Harvest Celebration at Long Crendon School followed by pig roast lunch  
08*  Fear, doubts and faith Matthew  14:22-36  
15 Man-made religion versus a heart of faith  Matthew 15:1-20  
22 The power of faith  Matthew 15:21-28  
29 Faith in the one who heals and satisfies  Matthew 15:29-39                                                                                                
05 Blind unbelief  Matthew 16:1-12  
12*  Faith in Jesus’ identity and mission  Matthew 16:13-28 (Remembrance Sunday)  
19 Faith in Jesus’ glory and victory  Matthew 17:1-13  
26 A lesson in faith  Matthew 17:14-20                                                                     
03 Created to worship  Matthew 2:1-2                                                                                               
10*  Created but not the Creator  Matthew 2:3-8  
17 Christmas all-age service  
24 No morning service  
25 Christmas Day celebration at 10am  
31 Are you ready?  Matthew 3:1-17  


Evenings (6.30 pm)

03 Learning to rejoice in our prayers  Psalm 145  
10 Fan into flame the gift of God  2 Timothy 1:1-7  
17 Do not be ashamed  2 Timothy 1:8-18  
24*  Endure hardship  2 Timothy 2:1-13  
01 Be useful to God  2 Timothy 2;14-26  
08 Prayer and praise  
15 Statements of faith: Great truths to uphold  
22*  Oxford Martyrs: faithful servants to remember  
29 Reformation today: a sovereign God to continue trusting                                                                     

05 Continue in the Scriptures  2 Timothy 3:17
12 Preach the word  2 Timothy 4:1-8
19 Deserted but not alone  2 Timothy 4:9-22
26*  Christ and culture
03 Dealing with depression  
10 Once saved, always saved?  
17 Carols by Candlelight                                                         
24 Christmas Eve service at 4pm  
31    No evening service  


Current sermon series

Morning Series

Living by faith

In this series in Matthew’s gospel we follow Jesus’ disciples on their journey as they have their eyes
opened to see who Jesus is and what he came to do and begin to put their trust in him. On the
way we meet some people with surprising faith and others blind to their unbelief. We hope the
series will help us all grow in our faith in Jesus.

Evening series

Keeping the faith

2 Timothy was written by the apostle Paul towards the end of his life out of concern for the
churches during a time of persecution under Emperor Nero. He exhorts Timothy to guard the
gospel, to continue in it, to keep on preaching it and to be willing to suffer for it. It’s a helpful
encouragement for us today to stay focused on the gospel in the face of many distractions and
challenges in life.

The Reformation

This four-part series will help us reflect on and celebrate the 500th anniversary of the
Reformation – a vital period of church history where the gospel was defended, upheld and
proclaimed. The series will start on September 17th in the morning service with a summary and
introduction followed by a three-part evening series in October that will dig a bit deeper

Hot topics

These three topics are designed to help us see what the Bible says about our relationship with
the world, our struggles in the world and our identity in Christ.


In the rush up to Christmas we will be slowing down to take a closer look at Matthew 2 in both morning and evening services to reflect on the birth of Christ and what true worship really is.

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