Sermon Programme

Sermon Programme

The sermon programme and details of the sermon series for the current term are below.  You can download a pdf of the programme if you wish.

You can also hear all the sermons in our archive.

Sermon programme Spring 2019


* indicates a Communion service
06 Verse of the year:  1 Samuel 12:24  
13* The Woman and the Dragon   Revelation 11:19 - 12:17  
20 The Beast and the Lamb   Revelation 13:1 - 14:5  
27 The Harvest of the Earth   Revelation 14:6 - 20                                                       
03 Seven Bowls  Revelation 15:1 - 16:21  
10* The Fall of Babylon  Revelation 17:1 - 19:10  
17 The Rider on the White Horse  Revelation 19:11-21  
24 Holiday Club All Age Celebration                                                              
03 The Persecuted Church: God’s heart for his people  
10* King Jesus arrives on a donkey  Matthew 21: 1-11  
17 Jesus enters the temple  Matthew 21:12-27  
24 Jesus the Cornerstone  Matthew 21:28-46                                                              
31 Mothers Day / Home for Good  
07 Jesus’ invitation to the wedding banquet  Matthew 22:1-14
14 Astonishment at Jesus’ wisdom  Matthew 22:15-46
19* Good Friday communion service: Relationship not religion  Matthew 23
21 Easter Sunday All Age Celebration

evenings (6.30 pM)

* indicates a Communion service
06 Prayer and praise  
13 Justification  
20 Atonement  
27* Redemption                                                            
03 Reconciliation  
10 Hot topics: What happens when I die?  
17 Shelter in the storm - God’s faithfulness through depression  
24* Baptismal service                                                                   
03 The Persecuted Church: Andy Worthington from Open Doors  
10 Numbers and names  Numbers 1:1 - 4:49  
17 Purity and pardon  Numbers 5:1 - 6:27  
24* Stewardship and sacrifice  Numbers 7:1 - 8:26                                                       
31 Grumbling and grief  Numbers 9:1 - 12:16  
07 Self-reliance and sin  Numbers 13:1 - 17:12
14 Cleansing and care  Numbers 18:1 - 21:9
21 Prayer and praise led by our young people

current sermon series

Morning Series

Revelation - a door into heaven (series continued from last year)

The book of Revelation gives us an open door into heaven itself. May this journey into the throne room of God delight our hearts and strengthen our spirits as we seek to live for Jesus now.

The promised King enters Jerusalem Matthew 21 - 22

In the run-up to the crucifixion and resurrection we see Jesus enter Jerusalem as king in fulfilment of the Old Testament prophecies, and then continue to amaze people with his authority and wisdom as he teaches them about the kingdom of God. Entry to the kingdom then and now is open to all those who will repent and believe, but sadly many refuse the invitation.

Evening series

The Glory of the Cross

The cross is the blazing centre of the glory of God – a public display of God’s perfect love and holiness. It is God who makes atonement for sin, it is God who justifies, it is God who redeems, it is God who reconciles us to himself in Christ. Hallelujah, what a Saviour!


Numbers is a sad book, recording the wasted time God’s people spent wandering in the desert due to their disobedience. It is a book that challenges us in our walk with Jesus: are we being faithful in following him? It is also a book that encourages us with the incredible faithfulness of God towards us. What does a life of faith really look like?

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