Who's Who?

Who's Who?

The church is not a building but a gathering of Christians. The Bible describes the church as a united body, made up of different parts. Every person has been given different gifts by God to be used to serve others (Romans 12:4-8). It is for this reason that every person in our church is valued and has an important role to play. Knowing Jesus as Saviour and serving him as Lord is one of the great privileges of being a Christian.

Six staff are employed to help, encourage and organise a variety of teams made up of members of the church.  Together we seek to love and serve one another and reach out to our community.


We currently have three full time pastors who work as a team, each responsible for supporting different areas of our vision.

Neil and LizNEIL TURTON (Pastor)

I have been at the church since 2005. I help to facilitate the Sunday Services and prayer within the church as well as the Equipping and Encouraging part of our vision. This includes oversight of pastoral care, home groups and discipleship.

Having worked in banking for a number of years and served in churches in London, St Albans and Rio De Janeiro, I trained at Oak Hill Theological College before joining the team at LCBC.  I am married to Liz and we have three sons: Ben, Joe and Zac. Liz is involved with the Connect women’s Bible study group and women’s breakfasts/conferences.  She also plays in the music group and gives flute lessons.  

I still try and keep up my sport when I can (football, tennis, table tennis and golf).  We have loved living in Long Crendon and being part of LCBC and long to see many more lives changed by Christ. 
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Mark and StephMark Herbert (pastor)

I oversee the Engaging and Enabling part of our vision which focuses on helping the church to stay outward-looking. This includes helping mobilise and encourage the church in mission, supporting our overseas missionaries, as well as engaging in UK gospel partnerships and supporting local churches.

I am married to Steph. I joined the staff team in August 2014 and am passionate about helping people discover the joy of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and learning what it means to live for him day to day. I also love sport, mountain walking and keeping fit as well as the odd bit of DIY.
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Wellsy and HannahColin Wells (Pastor)

I am better known by most as Wellsy. I've been at Long Crendon Baptist Church since 2011 and joined the staff team in January 2016. I oversee training within the church which includes running our trainee scheme, developing leaders, as well as supporting all the ministry leaders involved in youth and children’s ministry.

It's a wonderful privilege to see the gospel at work on a daily basis in people's lives. Having worked for Christians in Sport for 11 years I'm hugely passionate about the church reaching out with the good news of Jesus. I'm married to Hannah with 2 young children (Mia and Caleb) and when we're not looking after them we'll be active playing some sort of sport, most recently for me road cycling.
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Lisa and Nathan 2Nathan Elliott (Youth and Children's worker)

I work part-time as the youth and children’s worker at Long Crendon Baptist Church. This role involves opening the bible and sharing the good news of Jesus with the young people of LCBC and supporting families to grow in their love for Jesus together. What a privilege! The rest of my time is spent working for Christians in Sport based in Bicester. I've been attending LCBC since 2012 and joined the staff team in September 2018.

I am married to the wonderful Lisa and when I am not working for LCBC or Christians in Sport I am the goalkeeper for Bicester Hockey Club.
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Helen and Martin 2Helen Walker (Administrator)

I have been working as administrator at LCBC for 15 years, having previously been in primary school teaching.  I am married to Martin and have two teenage sons and as a result have recently been caught singing with some passion from the terraces at Old Trafford!  My hobbies include music, armchair sport, baking and compiling lists...
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Laurence and FredLaurence Gates (Operations Manager)

I work part time as the operations manager at Long Crendon Baptist Church. I coordinate the work of a great team of volunteers to ensure that everything functions smoothly and safely.

I am married to Fred and we both enjoy going for walks when time and weather permit. I work mainly as a management consultant, and I am also trying to improve people’s postures by teaching them Pilates either in group settings or on a one to one basis.

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Sarah Rothwell Sarah Rothwell
(Finance Administrator)

I've been at Long Crendon Baptist Church since 1980, apart from three years at University in Aberystwyth (attending St Mike’s) and a year in Kenya working with Wycliffe/SIL. Previously a trustee for two years, I joined the staff team here in June 2018, as part-time Finance Administrator, supported by a dedicated team of volunteers.

It’s amazing to see the changes that God has made possible here over the years, in both the people and the building, and exciting to hear about all the other gospel work LCBC continues to be involved in, here in the UK and overseas.

I’m married to Steve and we have two teenage children.  I also work on a homelessness prevention project in Buckinghamshire.  I love reading and volunteer in our local library.  I also enjoy gardening and DIY.  I sing in a choir in Thame, but in the 2nd Altos, so please don’t ask me to do the descant!

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