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Posted on 10th October 2014 at 11:29 by LCBC News in LCBC News Blog

TimberlineOne of our Young people is spending her gap year at Timberline Lodge, a Christian  study and adventure centre in Colorado.  Emily's now into the second month of her Bible School and Discipleship Programme:

So far, I've been getting along pretty good with life at Timberline - we're now starting to settle into a routine. Although this week we're heading to Moab, Utah (desert and heat wooooo!) for a week of camping and outdoor activities like mountain biking (I'll be super careful this time..) and canyoning, while studying Judges (not at the same time though!) which is exciting. They're not letting us take anything electronic with us so that we have no choice but to bond! Kind of a good idea but at the same time slightly scary! I've been healing pretty well from my biking accident although I did reinjure it on Monday as I thought it would be a good idea to go wasn't a good idea. I'm still wearing a support and am restricted on the activities I am allowed to do, so please pray for me to make wise decisions and to continue to heal well!

We have Covenant groups made up of either 3 girls or 3 boys with 1 or 2 female or male leaders respectively. A female group and a male group make a family group and every other Monday we have family group breakfast together where we just make breakfast, chat, and read a book together (my F.G. is reading The Screwtape Letters). Each Covenant group meets every Wednesday afternoon and we do different things: socialise, do bible devotionals, make and eat food and get to know each other. We also camp in our groups groups so this week in Moab I'll be sharing a tent with mine. 

An average week for me looks like:

Monday: Family Group Breakfast or Life Groups (I'm on the happenings team which deals with newsletters, yearbooks, merchandise and videos, but there are also the life crew, who organise events for us, the secret service, who organise nice surprises for us (e.g. they covered my daily duty - lunch dishes - while I was incapacitated), without looking for credit, and the Worship Team). We then have All Community Worship, which is a time for us to hear (at the moment) the testimonies of the staff and have some worship time. After, we have OESF (Outdoor Education for Spiritual Formation) and so far we've done mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking for, and it takes the rest of the day up to dinner which is at 5.45pm. After dinner we have 2 evening classes from 7-9pm and then free time till curfew.

Tuesday: Breakfast, then we have Daily Duties like cleaning, housework, clearing meals etc. for a half hour. Each daily duty lasts for a month then we change. For September I was on lunch dishes, and I will switch to something else after we get back from camping. At 9am we have a devotion led by the staff, then class from 9.30 to 12.30. After lunch we have workday (which I have yet to partake in as for various reasons we have only had one and my Family Group was off for the afternoon - we alternate who is on and off for workday). After dinner, we have 2 more classes and then free time.

TimberlineWednesday: Breakfast, then daily duties. We then have prayer partners, and then class until 12.30. Cov groups take place in the afternoon and then we have free time. After dinner we have 2 more classes then free time.

Thursday: Breakfast, then daily duties then Women's and Men's Class for an hour then 2 classes until 12.30. Thursday is normally a free afternoon but I have my outreach. I am part of Dry Bones which helps the young homeless in Denver. We take them bowling and then give them food and chat to them (if they let us). It's pretty rad to see the difference Dry Bones has made already in the 13 years it's been in operation. After, we stop for dinner and debrief and then head back home.

Friday: Breakfast, then daily duties, then praying for those on outreach. There are only 8 of us who do Dry Bones and we're the only outreach that isn't on a Friday. We have to catch up on the 2 classes we missed the night before and then are free to do what we want, so because we spend so much time together, we're becoming pretty close which is neat. There are 4 girls and 4 guys.

We then are free for the weekend to do whatever :) On Sunday, there are 2 church shuttles, one in the morning and one at night to 2 different churches, so we can go to which one we like. I generally go in the evening.

Look out for more from Emily later in the year


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